Using Captivation in Person: Power Poses

Body language is quite simply one of the most powerful tools in  your business arsenal. Period.

Power poses.

If you’re looking to persuade and captivate, using power poses in one of the fastest ways to make an impact.
Changing how you stand takes practice and discipline but it’s effective and free.
Don’t forget! Body language not only boosts how your audience sees you as a leader, but also to your own brain? The “Other 90%” is REALLY paying attention to body language, so take FULL advantage of it!
Because no matter what, you are in the people business. Tweet: “No matter what, you are in the people business.” via @taracoomans
People who are your customers, your employees, your vendors.

Why should you care? 

People do work for authority figures, they work passionately and creatively for leaders. Tweet: “People do work for authority figures, they work passionately and creatively for leaders.” via @taracoomans

There are three easy to use power poses that every leader should know:
Directly Facing
Remember, head tilting conveys collaboration, directly facing conveys leadership.
Balanced Standing 
Resist that urge to shift your weight. Both feet on the floor, evenly spaced. Think about Wonder Woman, with her hands on her hips.
The “Power” Pose 
Remember, just like in the animal kingdom, the more personal space you claim, the more “The Other 90%” sees you as a leader. Be sure to spread out with your body and your tools to claim as much space as possible if you’re trying to exert authority.

Which of these did you start using already? Which of these were you already using, without realizing their full potential?

I’d really love to hear which of these you started implementing RIGHT away.  Jump on over to Facebook and leave me a message, I’d love to hear from you, now that you’ve had a chance to reconnect with a couple of the strategies here.

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