Showing The Love

How to get people to take action?

That action might be to click on a link, buy a product or accept a job.
This strategy is one of the things I see business owners and marketers miss so often.

But if your looking to be a Captivatepreneur, your NUMBER ONE job is always this:
Make people feel special.  Tweet: “Your NUMBER ONE job is always this:
Make people feel special.” via @taracoomans

It’s people that grease the wheels of your business. Without people, well, you’d be out of business.
Behind every email address, behind every resume, behind every click is: a person. 
A person with dreams. Fears. Daily hassles. A person. Just like you.

Of course there are A LOT of ways to make your employees, your customers, your stakeholders feel special.
But as much as you probably love sending chocolate and flowers to people. You’ll probably like this more. Because these are FREE.
Implementing these strategies doesn’t cost you any more money.

Here’s where to start:
Your Copy
1) Go through your website and check every piece of copy. Count the number of times the word “we” is used and how many times the word “you” is used.
If your “we’s” out number your “you’s” it’s time for a rewrite.
When you speak to your customers directly, it’s very Captivating.  

Your Ask
2) Next time your looking  to motivate an employee or convince someone to see it your way, be sure to talk to them directly using the words “you” or “your.”
Instead of:
“This work needs some improvement, I suggest these three changes…”
“Your work needs some improvement, here are three things you can do…”

Your Tribe
We talk about the tribe a lot.
Tribes make us feel more connected. Part of something larger than ourselves.
That’s your “other 90%” kicking into gear.
How can you make people feel included? Part of something larger than themselves? Can you invite your most passionate customers to an experience, online or in person? Can you ask for input or feedback? How can you make people feel part of the journey your on? Those are all ways to trigger a tribe. And people feel better when they’re part of a tribe. Tribes are deeply rooted in our “Other 90%.”

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