Are Passionate, Loyal Customers Really So Difficult To Captivate?

Passionate, loyal customers. How do we get them?  There a lot of ways, but we covered two Captivating Strategies. Remember, the “Other 90%” is in charge of Captivation. Captivated customers buy faster, more often and with less remorse.   Tweet: “Captivated customers buy faster, more often and with less remorse.” via @taracoomans Ultimately, Captivated people…

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Using Captivation in Person: Power Poses

Body language is quite simply one of the most powerful tools in  your business arsenal. Period. Power poses. If you’re looking to persuade and captivate, using power poses in one of the fastest ways to make an impact. Changing how you stand takes practice and discipline but it’s effective and free. Don’t forget! Body language…

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