Not all creative thinkers become artists, scholars or engineers. Some become brainstormers.

Some brainstormers become captivateprenuers.

I’ve spent a lifetime formulating a system, based on science and experience that transforms businesses. I’ve learned this system through trial and error and yes, failure. But ultimately, this system has created much success for my clients and other consultants.  I wanted to share it with more people, so their businesses could grow in abundance as well.

It's called Captivation Marketing. This system isn’t offered anywhere else. It’s totally unique. And none of it is “theory” based. And that’s where you come in. I started my company to share my unconventional wisdom with you. Are you ready?

Still Want To Know More About Me?

I’ve had brilliant successes.
I’ve had epic failures.
I’ve been owned my own business for 80% of my professional career.
I’ve been a planner, rainmaker, ideator, implementor.
I'm naturally curious and inspired by innovation.
I love a good joke.
I love a good martini. A dry sake. A big red wine. (not all at once though).

I love my husband, Jeff, 13 nieces and nephews, and Rudy, my Jack Russell Terrorist.
I love my toes in the sand.
I love food someone else cared about growing or making.
I believe in giving, we receive.
I believe marketing is equal parts art and science.
I believe in fairness, even in business.
I believe time is precious and none of us has enough of it.
I believe in loving the work.
I believe in working hard.
I believe everyone needs a passion.
I believe good ideas can always be made better.
I have a deep belief in taking risks