5 Ways To Make Money Online Using a Blog

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If you’re thinking of starting a blog or you have one, you’re probably starting to wonder if you can make money of your blog? Surely you’ve heard stories of people making money online and living a life of independence.

In the Captivating Content series, we discuss reasons why starting a blog is relevant, getting rich is a tough one on a blog. That’s not to say that your blog can’t be an income and lead machine, it absolutely can. Like any business, making money online is a serious endeavor and one you’ll need to make a commitment to.

The good news is that there are many ways to make money online and you’ll have your choice to pursue a way that interests you.

5 Ways To Make Money Online Using a Blog

Affiliate Marketing
This is perhaps the easiest process to stand up quickly. Becoming an affiliate is easier today than it’s ever been.  If you’re looking to drive traffic from affiliate traffic you’ll need content that drives traffic and you’ll want to spend your time optimizing that content for easy search and share. Many affiliates these days are getting very good today at driving viral traffic with highly sharable and discussed content. A lot of affiliate sites today are almost Buzzfeed-esque. Of course, if you’re going the viral route, then you REALLY need to spend some time learning what triggers people to take action.

There’s good news though, sites like infolinks.com (not an affiliate link)  and Amazon’s affiliate network make the process very easy and allow you to have additional control over ad types.


Another option is advertising. It’s awfully tough to make much money from advertising with ad networks like Google Adsense. Google Adsense is extremely easy to get started on and while your building traffic to your site, it’s good to experiment with.  If you’re looking to drive revenue from your site through advertising, you’ll really need to focus on making your content highly valuable and visible. Really investigate what kind of advertising you want to your site and be sure to build content that attracts the type of advertisers (and their buyers) that your targeting.


Be An Expert 
Everyone’s an expert at SOMETHING. A website can offer you a great platform to offer a product or service. For example, I have a website that’s for my high-end consulting programs, but this is the website for my scaleable product solutions. I offer programs here that would cost thousands of dollars if I offered them 1:1, but here I can offer them for a highly discounted price. What are YOU an expert at? How can you monetize on that specialty? If you choose this route, you’ll be thinking seriously about a blog, because it offers a great way for you to allow people to get to know you. Don’t worry about giving away too much on your blog – there’s always a secret sauce that you bring to the table that makes your service unique. For me, it’s my unique approach to creating action using the Captivation Motivations. No one else has that system – how do I know? Because it’s been developed by me over years and years. It’s mine. Find yours!


Brand Relationships
You see this a lot in the foodie or Mommy-blogger space, but a lot of brands are catching on to the value of “influencer” marketing. Building relationships with brands requires a unique voice, a commitment to high-quality content and outreach. You’ll want to built a solid readership and viewers. Once you do that, you can do sponsored posts, in exchange for money or product (pro tip: remember, your required by law to disclose that a post has been sponsored).  If doing direct outreach to brands feels like too much,  look for blog communities that are right for your audience, Blogher.com comes to mind.

Offer a Product
Your product could be something you create (an e-book, or  something crafty or maybe something you uniquely create from a 3D printer, for example) or your website can sell a variety of products from other people. If you offer other people’s products, it’s a similar structure to affiliate marketing. If you’re offering a product of your own creation, then the product will determine your traffic and content strategies. In any case, you’ll want to create consistent content and balance this content with solid SEO strategies.

Psss: you’ll notice that all these strategies include building, maintaining a website as well as consistent content creation. If this is your first attempt at making money online, then I suggest joining me in the unique Captivating Content Program, it’s on-demand and available for a lifetime. 

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